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Title : Eros Alliance Alpha v1.4.0
Description :
The Eros Alliance is a game in which you control the captain of a mercenary group that has to compete with other mercenary groups. Because of the large amount of mercenary groups on the planet, you have to find a unique way to gain influence over the planet. You're plan is to have your crew members wear skimpy uniforms in public, fuck all the citizens and creatures on the planet, set up glory holes stations in order to stand out to receive more contracts. You roam around the planet finding new locations, recruiting members, fighting other groups, fucking your crew members, enemies and anything else on the planet with a hole. You have to build relations with your crew members to transform from being reluctant to have sex for a mission to sex addicts that are eager to follow your commands. For more information, here is my blog The game is still very small and I'm using this as a hobby. I'm an amateur at programming so I'm learning as I grow. I'm not a great artist for those that have comments on the art. The reason I want to make this game is because I want to be a part of the community and make a game that I enjoy and can share with others. I want the game to be a large adventure in the long run and I am eager to hear what you guys think, good or bad. Controls WASD - Move Space - InteractContinue(When speaking) 1,2,3 - Choose speaking option(When prompted) R - Open Inventory(More of a gimmick at the moment) ENTER ROOM - An icon will appear over players head if available. Press Space I have not made a good way of guiding the play so here is a walkthough for the game. -Find Lucy in room left of the room you started and speak with her -Go to the room right of the starting room and head left as soon as you walk though the door and speak to the Commander -Head right and use travel terminal. Enter the building closest to you. -Head up the stairs to the right of the room and speak to the commander.(ASS JOB ANIMATION) -Speak with Lucy in the room down the stairs. -Interact with the board near Lucy. -Head outside of the building and travel right. -Talk to the Blue guy and buy and item from him -Return to the room with the mission board. -Go back upstairs to the cabins and interact with bed -Go downstairs and interact with mission board -Go back to the room with the blue guy and head right. -Talk to Lucy and then the weird squirrel looking guy -Speak with Lucy and head back to the HQ cabin to interact with the bed -Lucy hasn't moved so head back to her. Get her to start advertising.(SIGN HOLDING POSE and NEW UNIFORM) -Sleep for a few days and check back with the squirrel client. -Then speak with Lucy OTHER 2 MISSIONS -To interact with Krystal, you need to have spoken with the commander at least once.(BOOB JOB ANIMATION) -There is a bar to the left of the blue guy. Talk to her and then return to the mission board to activate the mission. You can work with her after that.(ASS GRAB ANIMATION) (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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