Spacegirlz Returns


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Title : Spacegirlz Returns
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So we've been tweaking the game and listening to feedback, and we'd like to show you the hottest new chapter of Spacegirlz. We've made the aliens come out more frequently, slowed down the pace of the game, and added more sexiness for your viewing pleasure at the end. You also start with 24 xenobits, though this bad girl will kill 2 at a time if she shoots! We've pre-unlocked Green, Yellow, and Purple xenobits so you will have all the little friends you need to ravish her brains out... *TIPS & TRICKS: the Green xenobits aren't just good for dropping the alarm timer- though they add a lot of rage they also add a LOT of pleasure if you've got all her armor off! Purple xenobits decrease rage, damage armor, AND add pleasure! They are always a good idea, but click fast they run the opposite direction. Yellow xenobits are insurance, she doesn't need to be trapped to use one- they will explode and distract her when she wants to shoot, thus saving your precious xenobits. If you get her naked and then LOSE, you will get a different ending. (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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