Foxy Box Water Match


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Title : Foxy Box Water Match
Description :
1-8-2016: increased starting stats, and increased regen and max health after getting knocked down! EDIT: We have unlocked all 5 Perks to make it a little more awesome. In the full game you would purchase these perks with Sexy Coins. You can read descriptions for all the Perks in the Player's Guide. Foxy Box is the ultimate in Foxy Boxing... it's like a manager style nude boxing RPG, with many endings per fight, tons of hot girls to box, bonus content and areas like Sister Silla's Dungeon and the Pool, and a HUGE store full of content to purchase with coins you earn boxing, like new moves and stat upgrades. The Poolside Grudge Match is one of our favorites so we've decided to unleash it here, complete with 2 ultra hot endings. Enjoy! See the full Player's Guide here: http:www.barbarianbabes.comGamesFBGuideindex.html (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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