Harlots Chronicles v0.2

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Title : Harlots Chronicles v0.2
Description :
About the game Harlot's Chronicles is a free adult video game that is following a story of young Amanda who decided to leave home and fuck her way up to the ruling class. Being poor and lowborn, her wits and her body is the only weaponry she can use to climb the social ladder. Her success depends solely on you! About the build Main character added to the screen. I have some difficulties with collision detection and path finding, so Amanda can walk through rocks, tents, etc... she can also walk the sky, strange. New items and toy added to the game, also cash bar and character screen were changed. Some images were added. The combat skills were added to the game. Allocating the combat skill point is disabled for now because the fight system is not yet implemented. This is the priority for build 0.3. *KNOWN ISSUES* If you have the big tent, the button for buying the very same tent remains in the home screen. Clicking it won't bring you anything new, only will cost you the SPs. I am really sorry about this issue! (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);

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