Plants VS Nymphos


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Title : Plants VS Nymphos
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-STORY- You are Paul, the leader of a secret society. You swore to protect an ancient artifact : A Golden Shaft. This relic grants huge power to anyone who possesses it. But the rumor spread and soon, women from all around the world wanted to get a hold of it. Use your magic to summon plants and stop those horny travelers. ---------------QUICK TUTORIAL--------------- 1. Your energy remaining (or Mana) is written on the top left corner. (It increases slowly as time goes by) 2. You summon a plant by Drag-Dropping a plant from the top of the screen onto the board. (Careful, once summoned, there is no way to remove it) 3. Summoning plants will consume Mana, so you'll have to wait for your energy to regenerate. (Summoning Acolytes will increase the amount of mana restored every second) 3. The plant will then shoot sperm at the incoming girls, to make then orgasm before reaching the left side of the screen. 4. If a girl reaches one of your plant, she will tease it until it cums. (The plant then becomes useless and disappears) 5. You win the round after the progress bar reaches 100% AND you get rid of all the girls on the screen. HINT: Start by placing your plants on the LEFT SIDE of the field. (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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