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Title : Nobukos Cave Adventure
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*** Warning: Contains Rape, Bestiality, and Peeing! :P *** Nobuko Nakamura must avenge her family's massacre by fighting through legions of horny monsters. Luckily she has claws, a special attack, and resiliency. Lots and lots of resiliency... WASD or Arrows to move. IOP or ZXC to fight. H for help. There are 12 Achievements, 8 In-Game Medals, and Monster KillRape stats. Added in an ending story as well. Please let me know of any serious problems with the game, especially dealing with slowdown or illogical monster movements and such. I've spent a last week fixing all kinds of minor errors but It will never be perfect due to my lack of programming skills. The Biggest problem people mention is the game slows down or lags. I've played this game over 100 times in testing and this slowdown happened 5 times to me. I closed the program and restarted it, and the problem went away. I have NO idea what causes this but it is really random. 95% of the times I played the game it ran optimally. I can only suggest to restart the browser. I'm not a real programmer so don't know what causes this except for possibly having an older computer. ********************************************************************** EDIT: Here is the link to the downloadable version of the game you can play offline. This should eliminate any choppiness or slowdown problem due to internet. http:www.newgrounds.comdumpitem3c773379a312664a216dd2fdcbf107fb I have NO idea why I didn't think to post this link before. It was sitting in my dumping grounds are since the game was released. Anyways, I HOPE this offline version will allow you to play the game as originally intended! ********************************************************************** ----- Version Updates ----- 1.05: Release Version. 1.06: Added in Difficulty levels. Toggle on Menu using 'Z' 1.07: Added in 'Escape from Rape' Press 'Z' or 'I'. Uses up your turbocharge or drains HP if you have no turbocharge left. 1.08: Added in FREE PLAY mode in the difficulty menu. This gives you infinite Energy, Turbocharge and 1-Hit Kills. It also doesn't affect your stats or the medals, so you can play it with impunity. ----------------------------------- *** Warning: Contains Rape, Bestiality, and Peeing! :P *** (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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