Hetalia Canada Dating Sim

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Title : Hetalia Canada Dating Sim
Description :
Alfred F. Jones set you up on a blind date with his brother. You hope his brother isn't anything like him... As well as the main focus just being on the dating part. The extra scene was a little add on. This is the first flash game I've made, apologies for it being mediocre. The clean version is on deviantart! http:amifree.deviantart.comartHetalia-Canada-Dating-Sim-Extra-scene-available-436958491 UPDATE: Since I'm stupid, I don't have the original fla file anymore. I've tried to decompile the swf, but none seem to be working. DIRECTIONS FOR EXTRA SCENE: When you are on the couch, you hold onto his arm, rub his leg, and then grab his curl. When you are in the bedroom, you can rub his legs or go for his shoulder, which makes him take off his shirt. From there, you push him back and undo his pants. And then, you can either kiss him, tug his curl, or jerk him off.

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