A Saiyans Pride!


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Title : A Saiyans Pride!
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Update! Taking Votes for next DBZ Project https:youtu.be-BlbOx-bpk8 WARNING: Intensive Graphics, Audio, and Fight Scenes. Update: Far as they let it be up here is a Youtube version http:youtu.beH9WSpZqD--c Best viewed on fast connection and computer. Please Read Before Viewing! Greetings Newgrounds peoples and fans. I know there are many Goku vs Vegeta sprite movies out there. So here is another one for the list. XD I'm a fan of Dragon Ball Z; and I would like to try out my choreograph style in the DBZ Universe. Intro is decently long but I think it sets the stage. This is another dedication towards the sprites. So if you don't like DBZ or Sprites then this video is not for you so please don't knock me for that! Inspired by Vegeta's Pride from the Dragon Ball Z series I decided to do one of my own. There will be another part to this short in the future so please don't be mad at me that this is not a long movie. Sprites by Balthazar & Cybaster This movie is made by fan for fans. Enjoy! Part 2 http:www.newgrounds.comportalview626911 (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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