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Title : M.S.A.: Fluttertime!
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EDIT 20012013: HELL YES GUYS, WE DID IT!!! M.S.A. Fluttertime! got the 1st PLACE Daily Feature award!!! Thank you all bros (and sis xD I guess there should be one or two there, hidding XD) Your appreciation made all this possible!!! Fate! EDIT Nº2: I thought it went without saying (since this is a 90% flash based content website), but you CAN change the quality settings by yourself. Just right clicking the clip and changing the quality will do the trick. It's a heavy game, not very friendly with low end PCs, and since a couple users complained about it... I just thought about telling you the basics... ... come on guys, it's Newgrounds 101... ------------------------- Well well... finally! The so awaited My Sexy Anthro: Fluttertime! Project has come to an end! And I'm proud to say that it won't dissapoint you! I intended to make this game become something both MLP fans and non-MLP fans, hentai lovers andor the general pervy audience would be able to enjoy alike Taking on from the experience I managed to gather from making Slave to Pleasure: The Black Box, this game shows (I hope) a much more refined content than it's predecesor, ranging from better art (I tried to apply the same degree of graphical quality I use on my traditional pieces) to more fluent animation, better sound management and more complex programming (it's still very basic, but for a Flash and AS3 noob such as myself, I kinda feel proud of what I accomplished nevertheless). Do keep in mind, and this line is for both zealous MLP fans andor flaming anti-MLP bases, that I did this game out of sheer gratitude towards my loyal followers (you know who you are bros. Thanks for all the support you've given me so far! :D), and extreme hate or attempts at trolling will just be ignored. Life's too short to worry for that kind of nonsense :P As always, any questions, salutations, bug reports, donations and so on will be totally appreciated ^^ As long as proper respect prevails, all your feedback will be treasured! :D Without further ado... Please enjoy M.S.A: Fluttertime!!!! --Fatelogic-- Known issues: -------------------- If you choose to cum being at the second sequence of the paizuri (titjob) scene, you might experience an scene reset. It's a bug due to a missdirection in the script. I'll repair it in the following days. There are some typos and spelling errors. The proof reading test phase was sort of rushed for personal problems. I'll check the details and correct the typos in the following days. (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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