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Title : DN8:Pulse
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We've taken all the popular features from the original casual bullet hell DN8, the evolving power-ups, being able to select your own path, the random soundtrack and pushed them forward with the use of stage3D*. Also new to this version are unlockable perks, along with more challenges than before. Enjoy the destruction. *The game defaults to 30fps to enable it to run on the widest majority of machines. If you've got a good graphics card please go to Options > Graphics and knock it up to 60. PLEASE NOTE: Due to using stage3D ( ie GPU Acceleration ) this won't work on all machines. If it doesn't work on yours please accept our apologies in advance for your wasted time. v1.1: Hi-scores display Perk bug fixed If the GPU isn't compatible, software mode still allows you to play the game ( Although it won't be great ). v1.2: Medals should be fixed ( Sorry about that ). Suicide kills no longer work on bosses ( Thanks everyone who pointed that out ). Experimental fullscreen mode. It only allows mouse controls, and space to pause. This is more GPU heavy so in some cases performance may be reduced. v1.3 Minor tweaks. (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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