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Title : Bullet Bill 3
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The soundtrack HAS BEEN RELEASED! Go get yourself a copy over here! http:wolfgun.bandcamp.c omalbumnumber-three-wit h-a-bullet ~ I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has played the game and reviewed, good or bad, I'm loving the support from the fans and Newgrounds (yeah front page!), seriously you guys, you've made the last 15 months incredibly worthwhile. I also wrote up a general guide for anyone who is having trouble with the phanto or the game in general, check it out here: http:psycosis91.newgrou nds.comnewspost655745 ~ 15 months in the making, I'm proud to present my latest project, Bullet Bill 3! Go have fun! All music in the game was provided by Wolfgun, whom previously worked on a game with me called Bounce Coil, check out his other works on his Soundcloud page here: http:soundcloud.comwol fgunmusic The ending drawings were done by my talented friend Strawbeki, who was the artist behind Super Pico All Stars! Check her other work here: http:strawbeki.tumblr.c om And finally super special thanks to PRGuitarman for letting me use Nyan Cat in the game! Check out his incredibly funny comics here: http:www.prguitarman.co m

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