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Title : Elementcyclopaedia
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This is a tribute to Doodle God, and was very heavily inspired by it, so if you haven't played Doodle God yet, please do so! You can find it by searching on NG, or you can click on the link to it on the preloader. Please tell me if you find any bugsproblems. There are 2 modes in this game: God Mode, and Devil Mode. Both are explained in-game. There are 320 elements in this game. So, yeah. Finally submitted something to NG that isn't crap! (At least in my opinion.) I made this in just under a week, surprisingly. Please rate fairly, and don't rate me down because it is like Doodle God. I know it is like Doodle God. this is my attempt at making a game like it. (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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