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Title : Sex Realm v0.375
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Just an early beta of this Hentai RPG. You can read a description of the controls in the Main Menu -> Setup. Keys guide: - Arrow keys: Move - Z: Interaction(TalkUse itemOpen chestsBuy-Sell items). - X: Magical attack. - C: Physical attack (Kick). - A: Sexual interaction. - Q: Combat Stats - W: InventoryTrade (close to traders). Enjoy. Lot of work to do... - No Load Game option. Maybe in the next version. ;) IMPORTANT!!!: I haven't done more game once you open the metal chest. EDIT: v02 -> Intro included! I Hope you like it. ;) EDIT: v031 -> First H-event added. Now it's really a hentai game. EDIT: v0374 -> Map expanded. Quests and enemies added. EDIT: v0375 -> Mouse enabled in inventory. (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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