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*~*~*~Update 4~*~*~* Just realized that I put clip instead of magazine when you get a rifle. My bad. Can't fix it since I don't have the original file anymore *~*~*~Update 3~*~*~* Fixed some other bugs but forgot to upload the new version. *~*~*~Update 2~*~*~* Fixed a minor bug. Just need to wait for admin approval *~*~*~Update~*~*~* Fixed the Aegis bug. Thanks to Asian-pimp for pointing it out. Fixed the Aegis checkpoint. Thanks to Mister4x7 for pointing it out for me. *~*~*~READ BEFORE VOTING OR PLAYING~*~*~* Please read this before playing or voting: Alright first off: Please don't vote 0 just because it's hentai. I put a lot of work to this (mainly the story line) so if you don't like hentai, please rate on the image quality and plot. You can choose to bypass the hentai images if you wish so no worries*. Secondly, I know there are quite some spelling mistakes but I worked on the script late at night so I missed a lot of spellinggrammar mistakes. Thirdly, Answers to all questions are in my profile and don't fap till the end! There's a bonus gallery. Last, play part 1 first or you won't know what's going on. http:www.newgrounds.comportalview420344 ------------------------- -- Well part 2 is finally here. Picking up from where you left off last time, you now need to escape Yevera 2. This version has a lot of added stuff including: 1. Shitty battle scenes (lol) 2. Moral (Couldn't get the bonus to work but it still gives rewards) 3. Weapons 4. Better storyline. 5. 2 different endings Well I hope you guys enjoy. Leave a review on what you liked the most. I respond to all. (Even the crappy ones) PM me if you find any bugs. Good day. *: There's 1 ecchi image that you can't bypass. Cover your eyes. Also, please recommend this for the Dating Sims collection! (function($) { $('#author_comments a').watchEmbeds(); })(jQuery);



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